Smarter Business Security Alarm Systems from Mid South


Business security alarm systems from Mid South are designed around the way your workplace works. They are never in the way, but always ready when you need them. Of course, we'll carefully train you and your staff on how to operate your systems, and if anyone ever has a question, we're one helpful phone call away. Every organization is trying to keep costs down these days, which is why we try to save you money in any way we can. We'll even help you compare our initial and ongoing fees with our competitors, so you can see if we're the most economical choice down the line. Mid South offers flexible pricing plans for security monitoring. You'll never be tied into a 5-year contract as required by some alarm companies. And, unlike many other providers, you can add additional services or equipment at Mid South without an increase in your monthly monitoring fee. Both hard-wired and wireless security systems are available. Just ask, and we'll explain the pros and cons, as well as the costs, of each type of installation.




Burglar Alarm Systems


We will help you plan for just the right amount of customized protection for your facility, and never try to sell you more than you need. And if we can adapt any of your existing security equipment for continued use, we'll be happy to do so. All equipment used by Mid South is UL approved, ensuring a high standard of product safety. Plus by owning the hardware, you won't be tied down to the proprietary system of just one security company in the future.






Fire Alarm Systems


Mid South can design, monitor, and service most fire alarm systems. UL-approved equipment includes smoke and heat sensors, manual pull stations, strobes for visual alerts, strobes for audio alerts, and customized recorded voice alerts in case of fire or smoke. With Mid South's Direct Radio Monitoring you can eliminate the dedicated phone lines that were necessary with your old fire alarm system. In addition to local and monitored alarms for smoke and heat, we can monitor for carbon monoxide and other gasses, water leaks, power failure, refrigeration problems, low battery, system trouble, water flow, panel tampering and supervisory alerts.






Video Security


Always-On or Motion-Activated digital video security cameras inside and outside your facility can monitor activity around the clock. For crime prevention and prosecution, operational efficiency, and liability issues, you'll have a careful record of: loitering strangers outside, suspicious employee or visitor activity inside, accidents and incidents, cash transactions, traffic flow, deliveries and pick-ups, openings and closings, and cleaning services or other vendors. You can watch proceedings in real time, or review video later that's been archived at our secure facility or at your location. You can also see what's going on right now at your building, from anywhere. All you need is a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection.




Access Control Systems


We'll help you plan a system that allows and denies entry, as needed, to each employee and guest. Then we'll install secure card-swipe or keypad hardware at exterior entrances and interior doors. Your System Administrators can make changes at any time to your Access Control System through a computer interface, including immediate denial of access for terminated employees, or modification of access plans for special circumstances.